Set to inspire - 2018 NSW Seniors' Stories

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Set to inspire - 2018 NSW Seniors' Stories

Volunteering in Cambodia, relearning how to ride a motorbike at the brink of retirement, and stories of war veterans’ relatives connecting decades after World War I, are just a handful of the 100 stories revealed in Seniors’ Stories Volume 4.

Minister for Ageing Tanya Davies today launched the fourth instalment of the much loved publication while celebrating with its authors at an event at NSW Parliament.
“This book not only gives seniors the chance to bring their precious stories to life, but it allows them to show off their writing skills and connect with others,” Mrs Davies said.
“Society can benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of our seniors and this book allows older people to pass on their stories to younger generations to enjoy as well.”
Pippa Kay from Hunters Hill was one of the authors to contribute to the book, scripting a light-hearted tale about her experience of joining the gym.
“I am passionate about writing and am thrilled that the Seniors’ Stories book provided an opportunity for me and other seniors to share our stories,” Pippa said.
“This book shows that age is no barrier and I would encourage all seniors to pick up a pen and share their stories with others and loved ones.
”Mrs Davies said the chapters of the book correlate with the five priorities of the NSW Government’s Ageing Strategy 2016-2020: health and wellbeing, working and retiring, housing choices, getting around and inclusive communities.
“I would urge everyone across the State to read a copy of the book which will delight and inspire you,” Mrs Davies added.
The cover of Seniors’ Stories Volume 4 features this year’s winner of the NSW Grandparents Day Photography Competition. A copy can be found at all local libraries across NSW from December or downloaded here.

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