Senior Savers Card Information and FAQs

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Senior Savers Card Information and FAQs

From July 2019, a new type of NSW Seniors Card, called the Senior Savers Card, will be available to all NSW residents who are 60 years or over.

The card will provide access to discounts and deals on products and services offered by over 7,400 participating businesses, ranging from local hairdressers, cafes, tradespeople and lawyers, to national mobile phone providers and supermarkets.


Permanent residents of NSW who are:

  • Aged 60 years or older, and
  • Work more than 20 hours per week, or over 1,040 hours over the course of a year.

Eligibility is not means-tested.


There is no fee for applying for a Senior Savers Card or a Seniors Card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between the existing Seniors Card and the new card?

The new card is a July 2019 addition to the Seniors Card program that extends benefits to the growing number of seniors who are still working after age 60, and therefore not yet eligible for the Seniors Card.

The new card:

  • Has different eligibility requirements
  • Does not include access to NSW Government rebates and transport concessions.

Apart from these differences, the new card will provide the same discounts and deals as the current Seniors Card.

2. What is the eligibility difference between the existing and new card?

NSW Seniors Card holders must be retired or doing no more than 20 hours of paid employment per week, averaged over a year, whereas NSW Senior Savers Card holders just need to be aged 60 or over.

3. I have a current NSW Seniors Card. Do I need to apply for a Senior Savers Card?

No. Existing NSW Seniors Card members do not need to sign up for a new card.

NSW Seniors Card members will still have all the same benefits for its existing 1.6 million members with the inclusion of NSW Government rebates and concessions.

4. Why is the NSW Government launching this new card?

With people working longer and retiring later, fewer are qualifying for a Seniors Card at age 60.

The introduction of the NSW Senior Savers Card is a way for the NSW Government to recognise the contribution of these people. The card will offer them some immediate relief from the growing cost of everyday living.

The new card will mean no seniors over the age of 60 are left out. It ensures all seniors can be included in the program.

5. Why can’t I access NSW Government rebates and concessions, such as the Gold Opal Card, with the NSW Senior Savers Card?

NSW Government rebates and concessions are reserved for those who are largely or fully retired.

The Senior Savers Card has been introduced to provide immediate relief from the growing cost of everyday living to seniors that previously were missing out on access to any of the benefits from the Seniors Card program.

Seniors will be able to convert to a Seniors Card and get access to transport concessions as soon as their working hours are reduced to 20 hours or less (on average across a 12 month period).

6. How do I apply for the new card?

From July 2019, you can apply:

  • Online on the Service NSW website
  • In person at a service centre
  • Over the phone by calling 13 77 88

7. Will new card holders have reciprocal rights in other states?

Each Australian state and territory has their own Seniors Card scheme and some reciprocal arrangements are in place for using your NSW Seniors Card.

Businesses in one state will generally recognise cards from another, however, it is best to ask the business if it provides a discount for the NSW Senior Savers Card holders before making a purchase.

To find out more about participating businesses and available discounts in other states, you will need to contact the relevant interstate Seniors Card office.

8. How many discounts and deals are available through the NSW Seniors Card program?

There are now over 7,400 businesses in Seniors Card statewide, offering over 9,000 discounts between them.

You can also download the Seniors Card App, which includes the full discount directories.

For more information please read our information brochure.

To apply for the Senior Savers Card click here.