RSPCA Senior Pets Offer

50% off adoption fees for senior animals


RSPCA NSW is now offering Seniors Card holders a 50% discount if they take home one of their ‘golden oldie’ animals – those are dogs and cats aged over eight years old.

With older companion animals, it’s usually easier to find one who fits into your lifestyle. Senior pets often have lower exercise needs than their younger counterparts, will often have basic training such as leash and litter training, and will be familiar with normal household routines.

“They can provide everything a younger animal can and still provide many years of companionship without the hard work involved in raising a younger animal,” says RSPCA NSW Sydney Shelter Operations Manager Donna Hough.

“I have personally owned and adopted many senior pets and they have brought endless amounts of joy to my life and home.

“To be able to provide them with a good life in their twilight years is immensely satisfying.”

If you’d like to learn more about this promotion, or express your interest in adopting an older animal, please click through to this site.

Or, you can stop by your nearest RSPCA NSW shelter and enquire about the promotion.

There are so many goldies in the RSPCA NSW shelters waiting to say hello!