RSPCA Senior Pets Offer

50% off adoption fees for senior animals


RSPCA NSW offers a 50% discount on pets for Seniors Card and Senior Savers Card holders if they adopt a ‘golden oldie’ animal – this includes dogs and cats aged over eight years old.

Whilst these golden oldies may not be a plucky puppy or kitten anymore, they are in the prime of their life. These animals still have so much love and friendship to give to a new owner, and in many cases, will fit right into their new forever home with minimal adjustment. With an older animal, what you see is what you get!

Along with the reduced adoption fee, the Seniors for Seniors promotion comes with access to RSPCA NSW’s Home Ever After (HEA) program. HEA is a tailored, future care plan for your pets, should something happen to you. You can find out more information about HEA here.

In addition, all RSPCA NSW veterinary hospitals offer a 10% discount on veterinary services for Seniors Card holders.

If you’d like to learn more about this promotion, or express your interest in adopting an older animal, please click through to this site. Or, you can stop by your nearest RSPCA NSW shelter and enquire about the promotion.

There are so many goldies in the RSPCA NSW shelters waiting to say hello!