Participation - Terms & Conditions


The Seniors Card scheme is conducted by, Department of Family & Community Services (FACS). Any reference to ‘Seniors Card' or 'Senior Savers Card’ shall mean and include any reference to FACS

The Business Provider:

  1. agrees to display the Seniors Card Welcome Here Logo in a prominent place in all business outlets that participate in the agreed discount offer, and not to do so in those outlets which do not participate;
  2. agrees to be included in the Seniors Card website ( business listings, free of charge;
  3. agrees to be listed in the annual Seniors Card Directory (if FACS choses the business, business/outlets are located in NSW and offer 10% or more discount), free of charge; FACS accepts no responsibility for the content, contact details of the participating business listing, this is the responsibility of the participating business to review and confirm to be correct; if there are more than 10 outlets under one business, only one central number will be printed (phone number under main contact details);
  4. agrees to be provided with an opportunity to buy advertising space in the annual Seniors Card Directory produced by FACS;
  5. shall not represent that FACS or its contractors are the Provider or supplier of the Offer and acknowledges that FACS or its contractors are not responsible for any unsold stock nor do they make any representation that any minimum number of sales will result from the program;
  6. agrees that FACS does not give any warranties about the provision of any services or the supply of any goods by an advertiser or their agency as a result of a listing on the Seniors Card website or an advertisement in the Seniors Card Directory;
  7. shall not be entitled to use the FACS name or otherwise refer to FACS in conjunction with the Offer in any other way concerning its business or otherwise except with the prior written consent of FACS;
  8. accepts responsibility for and warrants that it will ensure that the Offer is readily available to Seniors Card members for a period of at least 12 months commencing with the application date and with an option to renew at the publication time of the annual Seniors Card Directory if both parties agree;
  9. warrants to FACS and its contractors that the Offer will conform with the description above, that products or services sold shall be free from defects in materials or workmanship and will be fit for the purposes for which the Offer is purchased by the customer and that no other Offer may be substituted without prior written approval;
  10. agrees to keep FACS and its contractors fully indemnified against all costs (including legal fees), claims, damages and expenses incurred by FACS and/or its contractors in connections with any failure by the Provider to perform its obligations under this Agreement and/or in connection with the supply or any failure to supply this Offer;
  11. agrees that FACS and its contractors have no obligation to be involved in disputes between customers and the Provider;
  12. consents to the making of enquiries and the exchange of information with the Office of Fair Trading and other authorities regarding its trading activities and any other matters relevant to this application;
  13. agrees that selection into the annual Seniors Card Directory is at the sole discretion of FACS.
  14. agrees to accept both the Seniors Card and Senior Savers Card.