Seniors Card Facts


Our membership is over 1.8 million strong - with around 6,000 - 8,000 new members coming on board each month. Over 90% of the state’s seniors carry the Seniors Card, or its sister card, the Senior Savers Card - and they’re not afraid to use it!

They’re a market force to be reckoned with…

  • Seniors account for 31% of the population and 51% of the net wealth in Australia
  • They spend more on travel, entertainment, white goods, new cards, healthcare, furniture, gardening products and food and beverages than any other age group

They love their Seniors Card and the businesses that support it…

  • 83% use their Discount Directory
  • 70% use their Seniors Card every month - 32% every week!
  • They visit the website in droves - up to 50,000 unique visits a month
  • 68% are more likely to shop at stores that accept the card
  • 74% feel that businesses that accept the Seniors Card care about their customers

They’re out and about, active and interested…

  • 81% dine out
  • 82% enjoy gardening
  • 77% do home improvements
  • 69% go to the cinema or theatre
  • 82% travel within NSW for holidays
  • 74% travel interstate
  • 67% travel overseas
  • 50% drive six or more hours a week

And - they’re more connected and tech savvy than ever…

  • 76% use the internet daily
  • 57% use smartphones
  • 54% use tablets
  • 53% use laptops
  • 30% use social networking
  • 70% book holidays online

Seniors are a growing, active and respected part of the NSW Community. And NSW Seniors Card is working every day to give them the special consideration and advantages they deserve.