The Natural Allure of Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island

Spanning from picturesque peaks and golden sands through to sparkling waters and lush native palms, Lord Howe Island, just a 2 hour flight from Sydney, boasts countless examples of breathtaking natural beauty. A little slice of paradise set off the Australian mainland, you'll find more than opportunities to discover the island's best assets, be it by bushwalking and kayaking, or heading underwater to swim and snorkel.Bush walking Lord Howe

Just 11km long and 2km wide, Lord Howe Island squeezes an amazing amount of natural beauty into its modest borders. Set 660 kilometres off the north coast of New South Wales, you'll find the imposing Mount Gower, said to offer one of the country's best day walks, reaching high above the island's golden beaches, the unique opportunity to hand feed fish in the waters of Neds Beach and other great chances to immerse yourself in the diverse environments of Lord Howe.

Isolated from the Australian mainland and restricting visitors numbers to just 400 individuals at any one time, it comes as no surprise that Lord Howe Island plays host to hundreds of its own unique native species. From endemic plants and insects found nowhere else in the world, through to birds that return to the island year after year to breed, there's plenty of native flora and fauna to encounter. Beneath the island's sparkling waters, oMount Gower Lord However 500 species of fish and 90 species of brightly coloured corals are also waiting to be discovered.

A World­Heritage listed destination, Lord Howe Island is one of Australia's premier bird watching locations. With over 200 different species calling it home at one part of the year or another, including the endangered Lord Howe woodhen, providence petrels and sooty terns, there are plenty of opportunities to spot a fascinating bird soaring overhead. Venture to one of the island's great viewing spots, such as Malabar cliffs, Neds Beach common or the Northern Hills, to watch the birds fly, nest and forage for food.

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