Privacy Policy

Seniors Card recognises the importance of your privacy and is committed to protecting any personal information about you, which we hold. This privacy policy describes how we manage your personal information and safeguard your privacy.

Seniors Card is a Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) program. To make it easier for participants to sign up and engage with the program we have partnered with Service NSW.

Service NSW and DCJ will share your information between the two agencies for the purposes of delivering the program to you.

For more information about how Service NSW handles your personal information please review the Service NSW privacy statement.

1. Collecting personal information about you

When you apply for a Seniors Card using the online form on the Seniors Card website, or in a Service NSW Service Centre, your personal information will be collected by Service NSW through your MyServiceNSW Account or by phone.

This personal information will then be shared with DCJ, who are the agency responsible for delivering and administering the program.

Service NSW and DCJ will only collect personal information that is necessary for us to perform the functions of the program, such as providing you with your Seniors Card and information about the program, as well as discounts and offers. This personal information will include your name, address, date of birth, email address and phone number.

Service NSW and DCJ collect this information so that we can:

  1. Assess your eligibility for a Seniors Card under the Terms and Conditions. This may include Service NSW using the proof of identity documents you provide when applying for your Seniors Card to verify your identity. For more information on how Service NSW verifies your identity, please refer to the Service NSW privacy statement.
  2. Provide you with your Seniors Card, annual Discount Directory and information about the program, by mail to your address or email.
  3. If you opt in, provide you with a digital Seniors Card through your MyServiceNSW Account.
  4. If you opt in, provide you with information about activities for members, ongoing discounts and offers available to Seniors Card holders, by mail to your address or email.
  5. If you choose to provide additional demographic information (language spoken at home, gender, pension status, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander status), this will be used for the sole purpose of personalising the information we send you about activities, discounts and offers. It is not mandatory to provide this information to receive a Seniors Card.
  6. From time to time, ask if you wish to participate in a survey in order to improve our services.

The only personal information that we collect about you is what you tell us about yourself, for example, by completing an online form or by sending us an email. We will record your email address if you send us an email.

2. Using and disclosing your personal information

We respect your privacy. DCJ will only use or disclose your personal information for the purpose for which you provided it to us.

We will only use your information for one of the purposes listed above, unless:

  • We have your consent to use or disclose your information for a different purpose; or
  • It is required or authorised by law; or
  • Permitted by the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

We may provide your personal information to external service providers who are contracted by DCJ to perform certain functions necessary to the program on behalf of DCJ, for example information technology services, mail house services and our call centre.

External service providers to whom we outsource these functions must sign a confidentiality agreement that prevents them from using your details for any other purpose.

You will be given the option to elect to receive special offers and discounts (as well as ad hoc Public Service Announcements) relevant to Seniors Card holders. If you have elected to receive special offers you will receive these via the email address you have supplied or via post to the mailing address you have supplied. You can opt-out at any time from this additional service and we will stop using your email and mailing address to send you these special offers.

3. Using your Seniors Cards and providing your information to third parties

Third parties may confirm that your Seniors Card is valid through a secure validation tool to ensure that you are entitled to the discount on offer. This validation provides a yes or no response on eligibility and does not provide any personal information to the third party. This validation tool can be used by third parties to validate both physical and digital Senior’s Cards.

We will not provide your personal information to any third parties who may be advertising their product or service through the program. Participating third party business who are offering discounts, services or special offers to Seniors Card holders may ask you directly for your personal information or collect your personal information from you if you use their service or purchase a product.

In this case, you are dealing directly with this third party and you should use your own discretion and judgement about providing your personal information, including reviewing any relevant privacy policy or terms and conditions.

This collection of your personal information is separate to the Seniors Card program.

If you make a purchase from a participating third party, this business may collect information about you and your purchase to learn more about the behaviours of Seniors Card holders.

Third parties may use this kind of data to tailor their services, products, or advertising to Seniors Card holders. This data will not be provided by the program but may be collected by participating third parties, from Seniors Card holders.

4. Access to and amendment of your personal information

We want to make sure that the information we hold about you in connection with your Seniors Card is accurate and up to date.

In most cases, you can gain access to personal information that we hold about you. All requests for access to your personal information will be processed by our Seniors Card team, who can be contacted by writing to the postal or email address set out below.

Generally, if you request us to do so, we will amend any personal information we hold about you which is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date If we disagree with you about the accuracy, completeness or currency of a record of your personal information held by us, then upon your request we will take reasonable steps to accompany that record with a statement from you outlining what you believe to be the accurate and complete personal information.

5. Digital Seniors Card privacy information

  • The ‘Licences and Credentials’ function on the Service NSW app allows customers to use, present and verify digital versions of licences and credentials, including the Seniors Card. The use of this function is optional, meaning that the holder of a Seniors Card can continue to use a non-digital Card.
  • If you opt-in to the digital Seniors Card, Service NSW will check your MyServiceNSW Account ID against the Seniors Card database that is also held by Service NSW.
  • If Service NSW is able to verify that you have a valid Seniors Card, a digital card will be created and added to your Service NSW app.
  • An organisation may request to have your digital Seniors Card scanned and checked using the QR Code. When your Card is scanned, Service NSW will disclose your name, card number and whether the Card is valid on the checker’s Service NSW app for a limited time. No other personal information is disclosed to the checker.
  • As part of managing the digital Seniors Card, Service NSW will keep a de-identified activity log for technical troubleshooting and program evaluation.
  • A record will be made on the log each time you access your digital credential, including when you present or use it. Activity logs do not contain detail about where or with who the digital Seniors Card has been used.
  • Other than displaying your personal information on the Service NSW app, Service NSW will not release your personal information unless required or authorised by law.

6. What to do if you would like more information about how we manage your personal information or wish to make a complaint

You can get more information about the way DCJ manages your personal information by reviewing our Privacy Management Plan.

If you are concerned that we may have breached your privacy and wish to make a complaint, please contact us by writing to the postal or email address set out below.

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5 days of receiving it and we will aim to resolve your complaint promptly.

Complaints made by Seniors Card participants (for example, about staff conduct, equity) will be resolved by the Director, Systems, Funding and Cards.

7. Changes to our privacy policy

From time to time it may be necessary for us to review and revise our privacy policy.

We will always publish an updated version on our Website and this updated version will apply as if it had been in place when you signed up.

Contact Details:

For enquiries about the Seniors Card Program, please contact Service NSW:

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Enquiries email:

For enquiries regarding the handling of your personal information, to access or amend your personal information or to make a privacy complaint, please contact DCJ Seniors Card Team: