University of the Third Age

Open your mind to senior education with U3A

Retirement brings many changes and challenges. People, used to being busy, find they have perhaps underutilised time and/or underactive mental stimulation…. 
Sydney U3A is a voluntary, not for profit, organisation that aims to provide seniors with low – cost educational opportunities in an atmosphere of pleasant, informative and interactive learning and teaching.
We are a community organised by and for the members.

Courses offered require no homework. There are no exams. Course are diverse, range through subject matters such as History, Language, Music appreciation, Science and even scrabble and many others. Take a look at the course book at the U3A site for courses and venues that will suit you.
There are no academic prerequisites or entrance requirements other than a desire for learning and sharing your own knowledge, skills and experiences.
In addition to keeping your mind active, Sydney U3A also provides an informal environment in which to expand and develop your social networks and keep your body active.
With seven regions covering a wide area of Sydney, U3A offers diverse events right across the width of Sydney. You may attend locally or, if you wish, participate at any venue.
We are completely volunteer run, meaning our members are also our course leaders too. Opportunities exist to share knowledge and experience in a friendly, social way. Members are encouraged to become a course leaders.
There are no awards, certificates or prizes. No obligations, just the opportunity to spend productive time learning with like minded people with similar interests.
Want to become a member? Head to our website and click the join button, print out the form and send it to U3A as per instructions on the form. There is a low fee to merely cover  expenses, of  $50 p.a. (Plus a one off joining fee of $10), for which
you can partake in as many lectures as you wish for this.
Please go to and see how you can enrich your retirement today.