Medication Management

As you grow older, you may find that you are using an increasing number of medicines.

Medicines may cause harm if used incorrectly or inappropriately and older people are more at risk of experiencing side effects from their medicines.

Side effects include:

  • difficulty with vision
  • difficulty with hearing
  • difficulty with memory or cognitive function

Medication management tips:

  • ask your doctor and pharmacist any questions you have
  • inform your pharmacist and doctor of allergies or past problems
  • inform them of any other medication you are taking
  • carry your list of medicines with you including details such as name, strength, what it is for, when to take it and how much to take

What services can help? Whether you're living in your own home or in an aged care home, there are services that can help you to develop a plan for managing your medicines. This can involve:

  • a review of you medicines
  • a check that your medicines are stored correctly
  • seeing if you will benefit from a dose administration aid

For information about the different types of medicines available, advice on how to use them wisely and other practical tools, visit the NPS Medicine Wise website.

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