NSW Photo Card

What is a NSW Photo Card?

The NSW Photo Card provides photo identification for people who do not hold a current NSW driver licence, or any other form of photo identification. It shows who you are, and gives you access to a number of everyday services, such as opening bank accounts or entering licensed premises.

The NSW Photo Card is voluntary and shows your name, address, date of birth and photo. It's valid for five years, or 10 years for eligible customers aged 21 years or over. Although the design is different, it's the same size, and has the same security features, as a NSW driver licence card.

Because the NSW Photo Card has the same application process and security features as a driver licence, you should be able to use it everywhere that accepts a driver licence as photo identification.

Note: You cannot hold both a NSW driver/rider licence and a NSW Photo Card.

A NSW Photo Card is issued or replaced free of charge for:
  • Eligible concession card holders, including war widows
  • People who receive a Centrelink Carer Allowance
  • NSW Seniors Card holders.

To access the full article please visit http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/licence/nsw-photo-card.html