Evaluation of the NSW Ageing Strategy

NSW Ageing Strategy

NSW has a great opportunity to realise the benefits of an ageing population and to harness the contribution of seniors in our communities. Equally important will be empowering people to plan ahead for the future they envisage in their later years.

The NSW Ageing Strategy, launched in 2012, is a key step in the NSW Government responding to these challenges. The NSW Government has developed a whole of government and whole of community strategy which supports individuals to take responsibility for their futures and government to do whatever it can to recognise and remove any barriers to continued participation.

The NSW Ageing Strategy included a commitment to an independent evaluation, which has now been publicly released. The NSW Government is now working with key partners to consider the findings and what they mean for the next phase of the NSW Ageing Strategy.

You can read the full report here or the executive summary here.