Home Emergency Assistance – How to protect your home

As a Home Emergency Assistance member, life in your house will be pretty sweet.

You won't have to spend time sourcing quotes, finding a reliable tradesperson, waiting around for hours or paying expensive repair bills when that dreaded emergency strikes.

About Home Emergency Assistance

  • As a Home Emergency member, you can make a quick and easy phone call whenever any of the top 10 most common emergencies (see below) happen in your house
  • We'll immediately arrange to have a tradesperson out to fix your problem, regardless of the day or time. We operate 24/7, every single day of the year.
  • There are no call-out fees (ever!) and you'll also receive a 12 month warranty on all repairs.

What's Covered in Your Home?

  • Plumbing Problems. Think everything from blocked toilers and drains to burst taps or showerheads
  • Gas Leaks. What's that funny smell? Could it be gas? Gas leaks can be highly dangerous. Call us and we'll dispatch a licensed technician ASAP.
  • Locks. If your door or window locks are jammed or damaged and you can't get in to the home, we can have a locksmith repair them pronto. We'll even send someone if you have lost your keys!
  • Windows and Doors. Had an accident, balls gone through the window, we can help straight away to make your home safe and free from further damage.
  • Power Failures. This can happen a lot in older properties. If your entire home losses power, we'll send a qualified electrician your way.
  • Broken Hot Water, Air Con or Heating Systems. Has one of these stopped working? Or is it just not working as it should? One of our tradies can take a look and get it sorted fast.

What Perks Do Home Emergency Members Get?

  • Other than having a safe, danger and hassle-free home, being a Home Emergency Assistance member comes with a bundle of perks:
  • Cover for up to 5 home emergency call outs a year for the one off membership fee.
  • Cover for up to $350 per job. Our reliable and trusted tradies are here to ensure larger fix-it jobs won't cost you the earth.
  • Our network of licensed and experienced tradespeople stretches Australia-wide. And you'll never be charged a call-out fee for asking for help!
  • As mentioned, we respond to your call fast - we aim to be at your home in 1 hour - so that you can get your problem fixed ASAP, and get on with your day.
  • Did we mention we're open 24/7, 365 days a year? Get help after hours, on weekends, even public holidays! We're never shut.

Why Not Just Call a Tradie direct?

  1. Tradespeople can be expensive especially in an emergency. They can charge high hourly rates for labour, and you'll also have to pay for all materials used to repair your problem.
  2. They often charge unnecessary call-out fees. This means an added expense for you to simply get them to your home. And if your emergency occurs after hours or on a weekend, call-out fees can be exorbitant.
  3. They're only around during business hours. Will your tradesperson be able to attend to your property at 11pm on a Sunday night? Possibly not. Unlike most trade's services, Home Emergency Assistance is available 24 hours a day and if we say we will be there then you can be assured we will.

Does all of this sound like home repair heaven to you?

We hope so! Our mission is to bring you exceptional peace of mind and quality repairs whenever something goes wrong.

Sounds expensive?

Well here is the best news, it's not. Mapre Assistance is offering NSW Seniors Card a special discount of 10% which means yearly membership is now only $179.

What next? Join the Home Emergency community here or call us on 1300 727 457.