Seniors Card is thrilled to announce our latest partnership, a collaboration with ride sharing service Uber. This offer gives hundreds of thousands members like you a unique and exciting opportunity to earn extra cash as an Uber driver. This generous offer from Uber also gives members a great discount on safe, comfortable, reliable and affordable transport at the touch of a button.

The partnership was announced by Minister for Ageing, the Hon John Ajaka, at the Seniors Festival on 5 April. The Minister said:

"We know that seniors in NSW are incredibly active with many relying on public  transport to help them get around. That’s why I’m delighted to announce this alliance today. It will provide an affordable and reliable transport option, as well as raising awareness of the opportunity for them to become driver partners with Uber and re-enter the workforce on a schedule that suits them." - The Hon. John Ajaka, Minister of Ageing and Disability Services

To celebrate the announcement NSW Seniors Card members will be provided with $20 off their first ride.

The $20 new user code for Seniors Card Members is 'SCNSW20' and is valid until 4 April 2017.

To register for your first ride visit: https://get.uber.com/invite/SCNSW20

How To Use your PROMO CODE

1. Download the Uber app for iPhone, Android or Windows

2. Create an account and enter all details

3. Open the app and 'REQUEST' a ride when you are ready to leave

4. Check the estimated time of arrivals just before you book, Uber is an on-demand service, so book as needed but note if there is not a car in the area, it may take approximately 15 minutes

5. Receive a fare estimate in-app before requesting a ride

Pro Tip:

Check that you've entered your pickup details correctly, and for a seamless experience please contact your driver once confirmed.

You can do this inside the app, just tap the driver's profile then the 'contact' button will appear under his/her photo.

Confirm your driver's number plate before entering the vehicle as they are all shown in app!

Fancy becoming an Uber driver?

Fellow senior Janice Meyer shares her experience as an Uber driver.

"I retired in 2011 and migrated to Australia to join my daughter who has been here for 20 years. After 2 years of doing ‘retired little old lady things’ I really needed to do something to supplement my income and get off the couch. Sydney is SO expensive – but the most wonderful vibrant city I have ever been to.

When I heard about Uber I thought "I can do that!"  In no time at all I had done all the admin and was on the road.  The riders are just lovely. 2,500+ rides later and I have so many stories to tell of some of the amazing people I’ve met from all over the world, and wonderful Australians I would never have had a chance to chat to as we are really restricted to our own little circles.

I have laughed, cried and sung with my riders. I often get riders that I have driven before and always greeted with a huge "Hullo Again! Driving at night is magical – no traffic and happy and relaxed riders. I’m saving to go on a round-the-world cruise!" - Janice – uberX Driver Partner since October 2014

Want to join Janice? Sign up here https://get.uber.com/p/scnsw