2RPH Radio Reading Service

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'Lend us your ears, and we'll read you the world'

2RPH is Radio for the Print Handicapped of NSW. 2RPH are a special purpose radio station that provides a radio reading service for people who cannot see, handle or understand printed material.

Broadcasting around the clock

The station is on air 24 hours each day. The three studios and a production suite are in operation from 6am to 11pm each day. Programs from the BBC are broadcast from 11pm to 6am, and each day between 11am and 11:30am for World Briefing.

Volunteers prepare, produce and present all the programs. Items from the day's newspapers are read live by volunteers.


2RPH feature a variety of programs which feature readings from daily newspapers, articles from magazines as well as periodicals such as Women's Day, The Economist, The Big Issue, New Scientist and National Geographic.

Other program features include three daily book readings, extracts from a variety of publications on topics such as health, music, art, entertainment, science, and much more.

For the Sydney programming schedule click here: http://www.2rph.org.au/program/sydney
For the Newcastle programming schedule click here: http://www.2rph.org.au/program-guide/newcastle

Listen to 2RPH

2RPH provide a variety of ways in which you can access their content:
* By radio: 1224AM or 100.5FM - For a super clear broadcast, tune into 2rph digital
* On your computer: http://www.2rph.org.au/listen/on-your-computer
* On your mobile device: http://www.2rph.org.au/listen/on-your-mobile-device
* On TuneIn: http://www.2rph.org.au/listen/on-tunein
* Archived programs: http://www.2rph.org.au/listen/audio-archive
* Newspapers on demand: http://www.2rph.org.au/listen/news-on-demand

To find out if there is coverage in your area please visit the 2RPH technical page: http://www.2rph.org.au/about/technical-info

For more information on 2RPH, their programming and ways in which you can help you can visit their website http://www.2rph.org.au/