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What is a NSW Seniors Card? 

What is a NSW Seniors Card?

A Seniors Card is a discount and concessions card which provides NSW Seniors Card members with access to a range of discounts on products and services and valuable concessions on NSW and interstate public transport.

You are eligible for a NSW Seniors Card if you:

  • are 60 years of age or over;
  • are a permanent resident of NSW; and
  • work no more than 20 PAID hours per week.

How do I become a NSW Seniors Card member? 

Apply Online Or phone 13 77 88

How long does it take to receive my Seniors Card

Once you have submitted your verified application form, please allow 21 days for delivery (from receipt of your application).

Can I apply before I turn 60?

No. You must be 60 years or over to apply.

What is defined as a permanent resident of NSW?

Australian citizens and residents with a permanent visa who are living in NSW on a permanent basis. Temporary visa holders are ineligible.

Can I use my New South Wales Government Seniors Card Interstate?

Yes, NSW Seniors Card holders are entitled to purchase public transport concession fares in other states and territories. Many businesses provide discounts to interstate cardholders on request.

What happens if I change my name or address? 

To change your card details click here

To change your name on your Seniors Card click here

or Call 13 77 88

How does a Business become a Partner and offer a Seniors Card discount?

Businesses can sign up online by completing this form or by phoning 13 77 8

Who can become a Seniors Card Partner?

Any business or service with a good reputation and with an Australian Business Number (ABN) can become a Seniors Card Business Partner.

Retail outlets must be registered under your Head Office so please contact your Head Office Marketing Manager if you wish to register to become a Business Partner.

To ensure that the high standards and integrity of the Seniors Card Partnership are maintained, Seniors Card generally requires a minimum or value added offer of 10%.