Marketing Tips

Tips for Marketing to Seniors

Brochure design

  • Set main body text in capitals and lower case. Normal sentence case is easier to read than block capitals.
  • Set text at a minimum of 12-point type where possible.
  • Ensure margins are flush left and ragged right. This is easier to read than fully justified text.
  • Use simple typefaces like Arial or Helvetica.
  • Avoid printing text over the top of photographs or graphics. Text is easier to read if it is on a plain background.
  • Seniors feel between 10 and 15 years younger than their actual age, so it is important to include aspirational pictures.
  • One third of older Australians were born overseas, so it is a good idea to use images that reflect cultural diversity.
  • Portray seniors in intergenerational situations. Older adults are part of society and families and like to be seen that way.

Use of language

  • Do let older people know that you value their wisdom and experience.
  • Do use preferred terms like 'seniors' and 'older people'.
  • Don't describe older people as 'geriatric', 'the aged' or 'the old'.
  • Don't use terms like 'grannies', 'wrinklies', 'geris' or 'oldies'.

Selling to the Seniors market

  • Offering a seniors discount is a welcoming gesture and makes seniors feel like a valued customer.
  • Add personal touches to enhance the quality of experience and in turn value for money.
  • Ensure staff know your Seniors Card offer and are able to answer questions about your product and service.
  • Seniors don't like being treated as if they are 'all the same'. Older people have different backgrounds and beliefs and like to be treated as individuals.

Get value from your participation in Seniors Card

  • Display your Seniors Card window stickers - card members look out for them.
  • Use the Seniors Card Welcome Here logo in your marketing collateral as well as in your local paper and Yellow Pages ad. (Note that the standard Seniors Card Logo is not to be used, only the Seniors Card Welcome Here Logo)
  • If you would like a high resolution logo for your marketing or advertising collateral please email
  • Tell your customers what your offer is - it makes them feel welcome and saves them having to ask for their discount.
  • Promote your offer to over 1 million Seniors Card members through the annual Discount Directory.
  • Take advantage of free promotional opportunities such as special offers and competitions.