Advertising with Seniors Card

NSW Seniors Card offers a number of ways for you to reach our 1.4 million members. Please see a breakdown of each of these below:

  • Discount Directory: NSW Seniors Card puts out a Discount Directory to all our members yearly. This contains listing of the best business discounts and advertisements in each of the 5 defined regions. Advertisements in this have the benefits of being seen all year round by members and going out to new members every month.
  • Direct Mail: We have over 800,000  direct mail contacts for you to get your business front and centre with our members. This method is highly responsive.
  • eDM: We have over 260,000 members opt in to receive email offers. The response rate is very high and average open rate is over 40%. This is one of our most used advertising methods.
  • Website: We have just launched out new website and ad space is available on the home page as well as in each section. Talk to us today about getting your business included.
  • New Member Welcome Packs: 8,000 new members join NSW Seniors Card every month. Member packs are sent out to each members and your business can provide an insert into these packs to reach out members when they are most engaged
  • EXTRA! eNews Advertorials: Every month NSW Seniors Card sends out a newsletter to over 250,000 members. Businesses can sponsor articles or provide advertisements to be included in this newsletter. The readership is highly engaged and this method of advertising is great value for money.
  • Events: NSW Seniors card holds various events over the year and are always looking for partnership opportunities

For more information please see our media kit. Alternatively please call 02 8753 9356 / 02 8753 9357 or email